Managed Services
Our clients’ technology investment does not end at installation. The true value of audio visual technology is measured in how it contributes to organizational challenges and goals. Verrex provides a suite of global managed service (GMS) solutions to increase usage and simplify the operation and management of video, audio and conferencing systems to deliver a return on that investment.
VRoom is a cloud-based video conferencing service that allows users to connect into the same virtual meeting room using laptops, computers, tablets, smartphones and video conferencing systems. Utilize Verrex’s hosted video infrastructure to collaborate, share and have face-to-face meetings with colleagues, clients and partners from all over the world.
Managed conferencing solutions to make video communication more pervasive throughout your organization, drive higher usage and increase collaboration.
VRoom is a cloud-based video conferencing solution – a virtual meeting room (VMR). VRoom allows users to easily connect to multi-party calls via standards-based video conferencing systems, PCs, MACs, smartphones and tablets, without having to purchase additional infrastructure.
Access your Verrex VRoom using your easyConference code
Lack of routine maintenance on today’s business-vital audiovisual systems can result in untimely breakdowns and business disruptions. Meeting delays, staff and client dissatisfaction and unplanned expenses due to AV system snags lead to loss of productivity and revenue. Proactive measures can easily prevent problems from occurring and help fix problems quickly if they do occur. Verrex Maintenance & Repair service options include...
Unlike a traditional global staffing solution, Verrex AV Staffing does not simply place personnel – we recruit, train, manage and mentor our own employees to work at client locations around the globe, with all the responsibilities shouldered by Verrex and all the benefits realized by clients.
Professional Services provides the technical and strategic expertise necessary to assure clients have the infrastructure to support successful meetings, presentations and communications.