RETHINK Office of the Future NYC 2018 Event

#Event: RETHINK Office of the Future NYC 2018 Event


Verrex, with its valued partner Crestron, have announced co-sponsorship of the RETHINK Office of the Future NYC event on Sept 5. Event focus: workplace trends affecting workplace strategy, design, construction, technology, HR, IT & corporate strategy. Time to make AV a significant part of that conversation.

AV is no longer an “add on”. From the enterprise segment down to SMEs, companies realize that conferencing, collaboration, communication, and visual experiences touch every aspect of their workplace strategy. As an integrator, we’re designing systems that serve much bigger goals than ever before. The “we want to host a video conference from our NYC office to Hong Kong” has become “we need to support our goal of greater collaboration and efficiencies between our global offices”. Better still is how audio visual solutions have become part of the conversation on office design, employee attraction and retention, office branding, culture building, customer experiences, employee experiences, and tenant acquisition.

Dan Jackson, Crestron Director of Enterprise Technology, is a panelist on the RETHINK Office “Workspace 2020 – Technology and the Future of Work” session. As one of the leading technology companies in not only the ProAV space but Technology space, Crestron’s insights into the future of the workplace will no doubt be compelling.

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