#AVTech: Monitoring & Analytics Coming to Solstice Pod

#AVTech: Monitoring & Analytics Coming to Solstice Pod

A Verrex "InfoComm 2018 Best of Show": Beta version of Solstice Kepler available for evaluation

Our technology partner, Mersive, recently announced the beta launch of its Solstice Kepler. Kepler is a cloud-based monitoring & analytics service for your Solstice deployment. It offers configurable alerts, real-time availability status, and a wealth of data on how your Solstice-enabled rooms are being used.

Currently, Kepler is supported on Solstice Pods (not Windows Display Software) and requires a minimum Solstice version of 3.2.1. If you have a deployment of Pods and would like to join the beta program, please let us know. Mersive is looking for feedback on the product – how Kepler might be useful to your organization and/or what functionality you’d like to see added. Request Solstice Kepler Beta >.

Not familiar with Mersive’s Solstice Pod?
This collaboration solution allows multiple participants to share and control meeting content from their laptops and mobile devices on the in-room display, driving better collaboration and decision making. Plug in the Pod, connect a display, attach to your network, and collaborate. The Solstice Pod is designed to be deployed on existing WiFi/Ethernet networks to deliver the best possible user experience (no switching networks to connect) and facilitate easy, one-to-many deployment monitoring and management for admins.

The Pod includes both wired and wireless network interface cards (with separate routing tables) providing a range of network connectivity options – including dual network mode for secure collaboration among users on primary and guest networks.