#WorkplaceHow: Rack Redemption

#WorkplaceHow: Rack Redemption 

Verrex AV Rack Redemption BeforeHave You Seen This AV Rack? We all have. Equipment racks that make us shudder and possibly weep a bit. But it’s not just about aesthetics. A poorly-built rack means little thought was given to ease of servicing, future expansion, heat management – and quality of work. These were all issues, among others, Verrex addressed when a new client asked us to “fix their rack”.

Our on-site rack redemption included:
• Re-bundled wires with wire socks for improved cable management
• Separated wires by signal type to avoid interference between different signals
• Relocated user-accessible components like monitors to the center of the rack for improved ergonomics
• Moved the heaviest components to the bottom of the rack for stability
• Reconfigured components for better ventilation
• Re-labeled cables (with easy to read white labels) to correspond to field as-builts for better serviceability
• Removed safety/tripping hazards like loosely-bundled wires and equipment strewn on the floor
Verrex Rack Redemption

Rack redemption by Verrex's Houston Field Installation Team

While this rack redemption was completed at the client’s site, the Verrex Shop is where best practices in rack building start. Our in-house fabrication team methodically builds racks using schematics created by the Project Engineer and incorporates wire & power management and service loops into every system to allow for optimal long term use. Systems are staged with all peripheral devices for quality control and firmware and software are loaded and tested. Wiring up equipment before on-site installation also ensures cable management in the field is fast, organized, and done right.

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