#WorkplaceHow: Corporate Hospitality Spaces

#WorkplaceHow: Trend Alert - Hospitality Spaces in Corporate Environments 

This month’s featured project, Denham Capital’s Houston office build-out, hits on an interesting trend – spaces in corporate workplaces dedicated to social interaction. With office square-footage shrinking and employee expectations growing, Verrex asked three experts: “Are hospitality spaces finding their way into your client’s offices? If so, what are the benefits? What’s driving the trend?”

Corporate Hospitality Space

Kristy Emmrich, IIDA, RID, LEED® AP, Associate

“Advancements in technology continue to drive trends toward flexibility in the workplace. One huge trend we’ve seen is the desire for employees to work in an office environment that is more relaxed and enjoyable. Because of this, we’ve found ourselves as designers incorporating more and more hospitality spaces into corporate design. You can see this in examples such as dedicated lounges with seating that’s inviting and large breakrooms with communal tables. These elements provide dynamic areas that foster more interaction and collaboration among employees, while at the same time, doubling as alternate meeting and work space.”


Jeanne Kopacz, ASID, IIDA, LEED AP, Managing Principal
Allegro Interior Architecture

“The current demand for informal collaborative environments has resulted in workers with more access to user friendly audio-visual tools. The best technical tools are no longer behind closed doors, but are instead integrated into team areas and lounge spaces.”

“Our workspace clients are asking for interactive presentation tools in areas accessible to all employees. Culturally we see two types of shared space emerging as the new standard: the “big living rooms” of the youthful innovators in technology, and the “hotel lobby” of more established companies representing higher socio-economic preferences.”


Sarah R. Farrell (Broadhead), NCIDQ, LEED AP, Architectural Designer
MPA - Margulies Perruzzi Architects

“Today we are designing more hospitality spaces throughout client corporate offices, creating a more collaborative and relaxed environment. Along with their TV displays, clients are now installing Apple TVs, Sonos speaker bars, and video game devices. In an effort to retain top talent and be labeled an employer of choice, many firms are now extending their brand and culture into their physical environment and this is reflected in meeting spaces which now regularly include playful furniture suitable for more casual meetings and lounging.”