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As always, we searched the show floor for solutions that wowed – and in a crowded field of nearly 1,000 exhibitors, that wasn’t easy.
InfoComm 2017 has come and gone. Along with the record attendance for the audio video industry’s annual get together (44,077) we’re going to talk about some of the biggest takeaways from this year’s show.
Think of your office as a brand beacon, the shining light that attracts top performers to your organization.
Consumer IoT devices are a harbinger of things to come in the boardroom and campuses.
As a preview to InfoComm17 taking place in Orland June 13th to 16th, we asked LG to break down OLED display technology – a topic we’ll no doubt hear more about on the show floor.
How do you fit thousands of products into a tight space and still have room for cocktails? Architectural hardware manufacturer, Hafele, turned to Verrex for the answers.
Digital Signage Expo (DSE) 2017 featured four days of education and learning about the latest technology in delivering messages to a mass audience.
Our Asia Pacific team delivered this year’s very diverse InfoComm China Top 10. In no particular order, highlights from the 2017 show.
The field is getting crowded – and by some accounts leveled – by the introduction of two new “all-in-one” collaboration solutions.
With an astounding 73K attendees, many of our key technology partners are making ISE the launch pad for new and innovative solutions. Here are a few that caught our attention.
Workplace strategy helps determine how and where your employees will accomplish their roles. Before committing to any solution, whether space design or technology infrastructure, talk to your employees.
The AV technology a company provides its employees also says a lot about its culture. Here are a few examples of how companies send a powerful (unspoken) message with AV.
What must be factored in to create a space where proper communication can take place, especially when a sound system is needed to bring audio and video communications to all of its participants.
Verrex asked three experts: “Are corporate hospitality spaces finding their way into your client’s offices? If so, what are the benefits? What’s driving the trend?”
Have You Seen This AV Rack? We all have. Equipment racks that make us shudder and possibly weep a bit. But it’s not just about aesthetics. A poorly-built rack means little thought was given to ease of servicing, future expansion, heat management – and quality of work.